WCAG Theme Song (2002 version)

Here is the first WCAG theme written in 2002.

Download 2002 WCAG Theme (mp3) 4.6mg (older version)
Lyrics are below.

Accessibility consultant David MacDonald wrote this song during a WCAG meeting in Los Angeles. Here are the words:

It's Fun to Write the WCAG
©2002 David MacDonald

Intro by "Sharky" the ScreenReader:

"Oops sorry I didn't realize we were rolling. I was just brushing my teeth for a cool night on the town. Hey everybody, WCAG is writing some new guidelines so get on the dance floor. I'm not a very good dancer, I've got no rhythm, but hey, I'm a rocking robot, Cool...want to dance?"

we're gonna to write a new specification
it's gonna work with the tool of verification
make it accessible
gonna make it testable
WCAG for you and me

gonna make the web understandable
make it perceivable write it tangible
make it interoperable
you know that we're unstoppable
WCAG is the place to be

Chorus (To the tune of YMCA)
it's fun to write the WCAG
it's fun to write the WCAG
gonna make the internet a better place
for every ability and every race

Sharky talks: "Hey man I'm going crazy with this cool beat. Hey, I am dancing really good now. ...Want to dance?"

if you come from Seattle you call it WICAG
if you come from Alabama you call it WUKAG
I say WICAG, you say WUKAG
but you know we're not just another TAG

there's Ben from Trace and Professor Vanderheiden
looking at the future beyond the horizon
Wendy, Andi, Cynthia and Jason White
staying up working till the middle of the night

Sharky talks: "I got carried away cause these WCAG techno geeks really know how to party. Par-tay. Let's do it again I don't get out much."

Bridge (Rap)
We've got Wendy, Katie, Avi, Harvey, Lee, Roberto, Judy, Marti, Loretta, Alan, Donovan, Hoehrmann, Ian, Jonathan, William, Graham, Sean, Adam, Kynn, Gian, Lisa, Eugenia, Marja-Riitta, Cynthia, Mark, Matt, Bruce, Dick, David, Joe, Nir, Geoff, Chuck, Leonard, Scott, Charles, Robert, Paul, Michael, Anne, Joel, John, Jason, Daniel, Emmanuelle, Chris, Bengt, Tim, Jim, and dozens more,
getting out on the WCAG dance floor

It's fun to write the WCAG
It's fun to write the WCAG
Gonna make the internet a better place
Even if your surfing from outer space

it's fun to write the WCAG
it's fun to write the WCAG
gonna make the internet a better place
for every ability and every race

Sharky: Hey man, these WCAG guys are real cool dancers for nerds. David I've been writing some poetry lately, cause I'm a sensitve artistic type guy, want to hear it?

David: No Sharky, Wendy and Gregg are calling us, it's time to get back to work.

Sharky rattles off the lyrics then says: Sorry Man, I got carried away 'cause these WCAG tachno geeks really no how to party, Let's do it again, I don't get out much!