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Research & Policy

As the consultant for the Access for All through Technology interdepartmental taskforce, E-Ramp provided a 170 page study and ongoing technical expertise to the Public Service Wide Accessibility & Accommodation Strategy. The resulting recommendations of the "Lyrette Report" are currently in the process of leveling the playing field for all public service employees with disabilities.

As Invited Experts to the W3C, WCAG 2.0 Standards committee, we surveyed over 100 Government webmasters, and multiple users of assistive technology, to help the WCAG gain a better understanding of the real world problems and successes that webmasters and users were experiencing with the 1.0 Standards.

We can help make policy translate into real world benefits

Many large organizations have policies in place to hire, retain, promote and accommodate persons with disabilities. Although these policies may exist on paper, the actual work environment may not be successfully fulfilling these policies. As an arms length organization, E-Ramp Inc. can survey the work environment, design questionnaires, set up focus groups, and give employees confidence to share their challenges anonymously. We can then provide management with specific recommendations to better meet their policy goals. This includes strategic, operational, and tactical planning initiatives to bring about an environment of true inclusiveness, and accommodation.

Policy Development

E-Ramp Inc. can help your organization develop a solid, practical, realizable set of policies for recruitment, retention, promotion, and accommodation of people with a wide range of abilities. With effective policy, there is a foundation upon which to build an organization that is competitive, flexible, and responsive to all stakeholders.